AU2020 - The first all-digital version of Autodesk University.

If you have followed this blog for some time, you may know that I have been attending various AEC conferences for a few years. The first one I attended was actually AU2014. 😀

Over the weekend, Clifton ( decided to give us all a little heart attack by reminding us that registration starts sometime this next week.

With this in mind, a few folks have asked me what I am doing for AU2020.

This year, I submitted 2 classes.

The first one was a redo of my class from AU2019, “Do You Want to Build an Add-In?”

The reason I resubmitted that one was it was not recorded last year.

The second submission was, “This Graph Does not Bring Joy - Tips and Tricks for Making Better Dynamo Graphs”. This session aims to demonstrate some of the gotchas I have found while working in Dynamo for a few years. A preview of some of this content is available here, YourDesk University.

Unfortunately, both sessions were denied this year.

With this being the case, I look forward toattending AU online and I hope to resubmit next year and see you all in person again!

As a reminder, denial is not the end of the road. This will allow me the time to refine my proposals and try again next year. I discussed this previously in this post.