Today I released a package of simple, yet practical nodes that I have developed since learning Dynamo at AU2014 in Marcello Sgambelluri’s classes.
Currently there are nodes for:
  • Overriding Projection Line weight of Selection
  • Overriding Cut Line weight of Selection
  • Get parameter value as string. (No python)
  • Drop Square Feet from string. Useful for using room area in calculations.
  • Remove List B from List A. (No dependencies, only python)Also does the same thing as Luke Johnson’s node with just python
  • Get elements room location. Currently tested with select all elements of category.
  • Get character at string’s index. Used in conjunction with List.Map node
RemoveListFromList RemoveListFromList

ParameterAsStringSFDropper GetParamaterValueByNameAsString

CharacterAtIndex GetCharacterAtIndex
Let me know what you all think! (sixtysecondrevit@gmail.com)