Recently an older post from this blog (in 2016) surface over at the Dynamo forum.

To my suprise the user was still using that graph and it was mostly working. Keyword here being mostly. 😁

Since that initial post quite a few things have changed in the Dynamo world and in general. So I thought it was time to revisit and propose a new way to go about setting viewport box centers.

One problem that has come up quite a bit is the fact that box centers can vary wildy. This is due to a whole lot of reasons like annotation crop, elements visible, how Revit is feeling that day, etc.

In order to work around this I have two new solutions to propose.

Option 1: Temporarily Hide Everything Except Something Consistent

This method is interesting because we are forcing Dynamo/Revit to only “see” the same thing per view.

That solution is here: ViewportCentering_2021-08-12_09-50-13.png

and in action: ViewportCenteringDemo.gif

and the graph can be downloaded by clicking this duck:


Option 2: Set the Viewports to a Shared Scope Box to Ensure Same Sizes

will write this one up in a future post