“Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.”

I have been making Dynamo nodes for a little while now. Originally this started as DYFs with OOTB nodes, turned into Python, and became full C# nodes. It has been a pretty fun journey. 😁

Over time I have wondered, “What would a VB.Net Dynamo Node look like?”

One thing is, I tend to stay curious about something for a long time. Recently, I was updating the CASE Apps to Revit 2021 (which are largely in VB.Net) and it reminded me to give it a shot.

So here it is, 2 VB.Net nodes imported into Dynamo sandbox as ZeroTouch!



and the full source code for you to check out here: https://github.com/johnpierson/ZeroTouchWithVBNet

(Also, apologies if someone already did this and I missed it. Please comment below to let me know if there are other resources for this)

(Also Pt.2 - If my visual basic skillz suck, that is okay too 🤣)

Have Fun!


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