What’s new in the Revit 2022 API aka “John’s favorite new features that aren’t shiny and in your face”

As you all may know and see today on Social Media, Revit 2022 is rolling out now.

In addition to the slew of Social Media posts, you will definitely see a ton of , “What’s new in Revit 2022” posts. Rather than do that over again, I wanted to share what makes me most happy, API Additions!

Sketch APIs.

Finally we can edit a ceiling and floor, and even create ceilings for the first time! Also, this includes multi-sketch (donut-shaped) stuff!

I added some new nodes to Rhythm for this and made a video about it here.

View Title API

I don’t know how to express my excitement for this one. But darn. IT IS ABOUT TIME!

I don’t have a video on this yet, but I do have these nodes loaded up on the package manager for anyone who wants to use them (for Revit 2022 only obviously).


and here are all the new nodes in Rhythm that Revit 2022 has enabled. newRhythmNodes.png

for a full list of changes and additions, check it out here: https://help.autodesk.com/view/RVT/2022/ENU/?guid=RevitReleaseNotes_2022release_Enhancements_html

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