This last week an interesting question was revived over at the RevitForum.

It was in regards to naming interior elevations per the room they “reside” in. This has been doable for quite some time with a few neat Dynamo packages.

To break it down we do the following:

  1. Collect all elevation markers.
  2. Filter out non-interior elevation related markers.
  3. Get the views that depend on those markers.
  4. Get those view’s room location.
  5. Generate names based on our schema.
  6. Set the names.

Here is the solution I came up with: interiorElevationNamer2k1_2021-01-18_09-40-02.png

and the DYN: interiorElevationRenamer2k1.dyn

With this workflow, there will more than likely be a few tweaks needed, but it should at least map out the idea behind the workflow.

Have fun!

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