Summer is upon us and BILTNA is fast approaching, so what better time to push a Rhythm update than now?

This Rhythm update represents a replacement of some DYF (custom nodes) with ZeroTouch(C#) methods. Don’t worry, it should not be a complete disaster as I removed most of these nodes at least 2 releases ago without making a big deal out of it.

See below for additions and changes. (Check out the helpers on the right side. I think they are pretty neat myself.) 20180718-RhythmUpdates2.png

This means that the most current version of Rhythm is 2018.7.30 and is supported for Dynamo 1.3.x versions. I am planning on adding Dynamo 2.0 support in the fall sometime, (after BILT especially).

Get the new update and do more awesome things!