AU2018 Results

Well as you all may know, yesterday AU sent the emails out regarding class proposals.

The news of this announcement causes a variety of responses and it is always a nailbiter if you put yourself out there and proposed classes.

I am pleased to say that AU accepted 2 out of the 5 proposals that I submitted. Considering that last year was the first time I was ever accepted (after being denied 12 times), I was just as nervous this year. If you are someone who has submitted and been denied, my advice is to not give up! If I had given up after attempt #12, I wouldn’t have been able to present last year or this year. You might even be able to find out if someone else pitched the same topic as you and offer to help out with the class. Who knows, you might end up as a co-speaker, which would help with next year I imagine.

Now, onto the classes that were accepted.

Hack it ‘Til You Crack It - Python in Dynamo for Beginners (Co-presented with Sol Amour) This class aims to introduce Python to Revit users in a way that is easily digestible. Not sure what imports are in Python, well those are like loading our content into Revit. Iterating over a list? Similar to “walking” down a schedule and updating parameters. This class is also the result of my SimplyComplex family pushing me to teach a class that I was actually a little nervous to pitch. I am also very happy to announce that Sol Amour (Dynamo+Python Guru) agreed to be a co-speaker for this class. Sol taught an awesome Python class at AU London and is a super smart dude.

Git It Together - An Introduction to Version Control for Revit Users As some of you know, I’ve discussed “My Dynamo Journey” a few times on this blog and in a few other places as well. I was lucky enough to be a guest on TheRevitKid’s DIY Dynamo series to discuss this journey and recently I was able to speak with ThatBIMGirl after the London Dynamo workshop about this same topic. Well, another thing that has happened along my Dynamo journey is my realization for the need to know how to use Version Control with your code. This is often achieved through platforms like GitHub and Bitbucket. The reason you need version control is to properly update and build your workflows. Additionally, software like Dynamo is built on GitHub, so it is a great skill to have. This class was definitely one that I wasn’t sure would be accepted because the topic could be considered “dry” to some. The aim of the class is to make this topic interesting and fun while you learn some valuable skills to use and apply to your own Dynamo journeys.

In addition to the classes I pitched, I am thrilled to be helping out with these marvelous classes.

Dynamo Packages - Have You Tried These Yet? (as a co-speaker) This class is being taught by Carl Storms and has a heavy focus on Dynamo packages available. I have had the privilege of attending a similar class from Carl and I must say, He packs in the content! This class will be great fun and I look forward to contributing to the conversation about Dynamo packages.

Getting Started with Customizing Dynamo for the Non-Programmers using C# (as a lab assistant) This class is taught by Marcello Sgambelluri and aims to teach users how to build custom nodes for Dynamo using C#. I am looking forward to this class as I learned about creating ZeroTouch (C#) nodes from Marcello as well! The result of this is, Rhythm is now roughly 85% ZeroTouch (C#) custom nodes. Also in this class, I am thrilled to be lab assisting with my good friends Jason Boehning and Carl Storms

More Dynamo For Structure (as a lab assistant) This class is another from Marcello and will be a continuation of his top-rated class from AU2017. If you do structural work and are interested in Dynamo, this is a class for you. This class will also feature familiar faces as Lab Assistants.

Well there is the latest news regarding AU2018, I hope to see you all there and at BILTNA in a few weeks!