An interesting post came up over at the Dynamo forum regarding deleting room tags in a view by a given name.

Working this out, it made for a pretty cool graph to share.

Generally, when I start making a new graph I map out the logic to do the task manually. In this example’s case it would be.

  1. Get room tags in the current view - SpringNodes
  2. Get the host element for those tags (room) - Rhythm
  3. Filter out the elements by our criteria (Room Name)
  4. Delete the room tag from the current view. - SpringNodes

With this being a question for Revit 2019 + Dynamo 2.0.4, we will have to rely on custom packages for a few parts of this. (Specifically collecting elements in a view, relating tags to their room and deleting elements)

With that in mind the graph isn’t too bad to implement. deleteRoomTagsByName.png

and the DYN to download: DeleteRoomTagsByName

And here is a video overview of how to build the graph from scratch:

Have Fun!


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