It’s been a little bit since my last update so I figured I would go ahead and do one!

I just got back from BiLT North America in Toronto, and it was awesome! I had the opportunity to help out in quite a few Dynamo labs, and I can say, I am excited at the continued momentum it is gaining!

Before I map out some of the classes I thought were awesome I wanted to thank a couple of people.

Initially, I was not going to attend BiLT. I didn’t submit an abstract and the timing was all over the place, (plus my lack of a passport). About a month before the conference, Aaron Maller reached out to me about an idea for a helpdesk in the exhibit hall. They needed a Dynamo expert and I said, “For sure!”.

Aaron managed to get me to BiLT through both his company, Parallax and the event sponsor HVE Connexions and I am grateful to both of these magnificent businesses for doing so. Aaron, Brian, THANK YOU! (if you need any of their services please feel free to reach out to them through the links)

So here is what I was up to all week:

helpHive.jpg I was the resident “Dynamo expert” at the “help hive”, sponsored by HVE Connexions.

dynamoForArch.jpg I managed to become a co speaker for a Dynamo lab with Daniel Hurtubise and Colin Mccrone. This lab was tons of fun!

stickers.jpg I think Aaron and I started a sticker trend. If you want some stickers, find me at an event, or email me and I will see what I can do.

jasonLAB.jpg I was able to be a lab assistant to the awesome Jason Boehning. In this image, he is explaining List.Map to a group of new users!

konradLAB.jpg Even though this lab was full, I was able to attend. Great Dynamo python lab from the guru himself, Konrad Sobon.

ianClass.jpg I had a chance to make it to Ian Siegel’s Dynamo class. Ian is an amazing presenter and explains Dynamo in one of the simplest ways I have ever seen. Not only did I catch a few good tips in this class, I took notes on some of his presentation styles for my own development!

carlClass.jpg The final class I attended, was Carl Storm’s Dynamo packages presentation. This class was amazing as he introduced a ton of useful packages for every Dynamo user. I find this great because Dynamo is truly about community. (Carl, I need one of those shirts!)

BiLT was an amazing conference and cool experience. I am very happy that I was able to attend, (thanks again Aaron/Brian!) Now I need to get ready for AU!