Thoughts on the #DynAwards

This post may be a little different than the norm.

Recently my buddies over at designtech celebrated their 1 year birthday. This is very awesome because they honestly do great work and this is a great milestone for them. Congratulations fellas!

Along with this birthday, they decided it would be fun to have a community driven “awards show” for Dynamo package creators. There are several categories to choose from and there are some great names on the list. Please, go check it out here, go on, I’ll wait.

After I headed over to their voting page I noticed that I made the list. Rhythm is in the “heavy hitters” category. Immediately I thought, “Wow, what an honor that my work is allowed to appear next to the greats”. The people that my work appears next to are honestly the people I learned from as well. If it weren’t for people like Andreas, Konrad or Dimitar, I am not sure I would have the knowledge I have today! These guys are truly very generous and all around amazing contributors to the community. They also do all of this while remaining respectful, kind and excited.

When I began creating Rhythm, I simply did this to share what I was doing with the community that has been so generous to me. The methods I shared my work through are this blog,, and the Dynamo forum.

Did I ever imagine I would be considered for a “DynAward”? Never. I just wanted to contribute to this great community and continue to learn and be part of it.

Back to the DynAwards. Unfortunately, there is a limit to how many packages were able to be listed on the voting form and some pretty notable examples didn’t quite “make the cut”, (Keep in mind this is a project that is simply for fun).

Along with this came some mixed feelings. (Below is an excerpt from a tweet sent out about the DynAwards)


I am leaving all names out on purpose out of respect.

I understand the frustration behind this comment. It’s hard not to get upset when something you wanted didn’t get listed. But, one thing to keep in mind is it’s not about the “best” Dynamo package by any means. It’s about showing support for people who have helped build this great community.

So, who did I, (John Pierson) vote for in the very category that I was part of?

My vote is for Clockwork.

Why? I have learned so much from Andreas. When I began using Dynamo I was very interested in expanding the node library and began dissecting Andreas’ awesome work. It’s not a matter of clockwork being the “best” Dynamo package. It was a way of showing recognition to someone who was generous enough to share knowledge to breed the next generation of Dynamo users.

Well, there it is, my thoughts on the DynAwards. Go vote for who you think deserves your vote and continue doing awesome work in a great community everyone!