This is a post meant to summarize some of the new happenings with me and Dynamo.

I first learned how to use Dynamo at Autodesk University 2014 by taking Marcello Sgambelluri’s classes. Before this, Dynamo was very foreign to me. I opened version 0.6.3 once on Revit 2014 and closed it right away because I had no clue where to start.

After learning about some of the practical ways to use Dynamo, I was hooked. I began creating workflows for automating tasks in Revit, and generally making getting work done easier for me. Over time this grew and grew. This is when I went ahead and released Rhythm for Dynamo. I realized I was making a ton of workflows that I wanted to share with the world.

Now, here we are 3 years later. After using Dynamo for a while, I knew what I wanted to do next, begin coding nodes with C# and ZeroTouch importing. Considering this is documented minimally I began taking coding classes to wrap my head around it. When I was still lost, I went ahead and asked a friend of mine for a helping hand. This guy is Marcello. He showed me a couple of zerotouch nodes and it completely changed my thinking once again. It was like AU2014 again. I began creating all sorts of nodes and testing them. I am proud to say that these nodes are all available in my package, Rhythm. This is really awesome because Rhythm started as a side project of OOTB nodes, and has transitioned into a pretty robust collection of nodes! Thank you all for everything and I look forward to the next things.