A question came up regarding loading views from files with Dynamo. A while back I added some nodes to Rhythm that do this workflow perfectly! As you can see below we:

1.Open the source document in memory, but non visible to user.

2.Get the views, (element types).

3.And finally copy into the open document.


Also, here’s an animation of it in action! gif

**Edit: after some investigation, it was discovered that this simply copies the view types for now, stay tuned for a new solution.**

Edit: I am proud to say that this workflow can now copy the elements as well! See animation below of this new workflow.

  • First I illustrate the views and elements in the host file, then I close it out completely.
  • Next, I create a new file to show the loading process.

I will be posting these nodes to Rhythm later on this week, after I clean them up a bit

better workflow

Also, here is the DYN. copyViewsFromDoc Have fun! -johnP