The node previously discussed in this post has been removed. New workflow provided below

Revised DYN


Have you ever been creating Revit families, making edits and saving to find your directory looking like this?

imageIt can become a huge mess and is a pain to clean up. (Unless you have some programming knowledge)

This made me think, how can Dynamo help me out?

Enter the File.Delete node.

imageThis node is an out of the box Dynamo node and is super dangerous and powerful! Remember uncle Ben?

Picture1With that said I present to you the Rhythm.BackupRFADeleter

image This node takes a directory as input and a boolean to run it. After running, it shows how many files it deleted. Currently it only deletes files that end with the typical backup suffix in Revit. (Family1.0001.rfa)

imageAnd here is my nice clean directory!

imageAs always, get it on Rhythm and use with care! :)